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Unraveling the Mysteries of "The Bradwell Conspiracy"

Updated: Jan 24

Rating: 7/10 ⭐️

This is my first game of 2024, I wanted to play it before it left Apple Arcade. I played it on my iPhone on January 1 and had a pretty good time. The game reminded me of "Half-Life"... a faceless, voiceless protagonist who wakes up in a museum which has been bombed by terrorists. The vocal cords are fried due to smoke inhalation and the only way I can communicate is through smart glasses à la Google Glass or Meta's Smart Googles equipped with AI, named "Guide," who as the name suggests guides you to escape the crumbling building. It also helps you access areas, open elevators, unlock computers, and message others.

The core objective is clear yet daunting: escape the crumbling museum. The sense of urgency is palpable, and the atmosphere is intense. Interestingly, it seems I am one of the few left behind, well, other than Amber, another employee who is also trapped. She is the voice at the other end guiding me through so that we both can get out. She helps out if we are stuck somewhere too and the only way we get to communicate with her is through sending photos of whatever we are looking at using "Guide".

The museum, a property of the mysterious Bradwell Electronics, seems like a dystopian place to work... they are powerful, and influential with a finger in every pie. The crumbling building has a personality of its own, from the NDA on the wall to various books strewn about. Bradwell Electronics is not just about tech; they are involved in charity initiatives, like the Save Water project, painting the picture of a company that cares. But as the game progresses, the veneer starts to peel, hinting at something more sinister beneath the surface.

You put on different glasses or Guide in order to get access to employee emails, voice notes and specific areas like labs which are only accessible to those employees. As you go through the emails and voice notes, you start to understand things and unravel the truth behind Bradwell Electronics. Midway, Amber's character becomes a puzzle in herself – is she hiding something? Is she helping us or furthering her own agenda?

The story is compelling, but the controls can be challenging, especially on a touchscreen. Precision is key, yet the game is forgiving. The puzzles strike a balance between being solvable and challenging, except for the final one which was so janky that it took me close to an hour to get everything lined up... I almost gave up on the game at this point.... my incessant need to ✅ tick it done kept me from deleting the game.

"The Bradwell Conspiracy" is a concise game, offering about three hours of gameplay. It’s a journey filled with suspense, mystery, and enough puzzles to keep your mind engaged. Despite some control issues, the game delivers an enjoyable experience that keeps you guessing until the very end. Overall, "The Bradwell Conspiracy" is a worthwhile play for anyone who enjoys narrative-driven puzzle games with a touch of corporate espionage and mystery.

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