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Soaring to New Heights: A Review of Laya’s Horizon

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Rating: 9/10 ⭐️

From the creators of the wildly popular Alto series comes a new adventure that takes you to the skies — Laya’s Horizon.

The gameplay in Laya’s Horizon is a smooth, immersive experience that truly makes you feel as if you’re soaring through the sky. Flying through the air you get to explore the vast, beautifully rendered landscapes, and discover new locations.

The game has a full 3D design. The world feels expansive and alive, and you can almost feel the wind rushing past you as you glide through the air.

The storyline is simple. As Laya, you fly through the vast island and its surrounding areas, completing challenges to unlock items and abilities that enhance your flight. There are few dialogues as you interact with the characters in the game, but the main things are the gameplay and exploration.

The sound design and music are also top-notch. After Alto, I sorta expected this. The score is relaxing, and the sound effects, particularly the rush of wind, add a layer of immersion that enhances the overall gaming experience.

The challenges in the game are well-designed, though the vastness of the map can sometimes make finding things/locations (ruined arches), quite hard. However, this is a minor gripe in an otherwise awesome game. The touch controls work well & there’s also support for controllers. The map is huge & filled with air pockets, wind tunnels and whatnot that lets you fly nonstop for 20–30 minutes.

While the game is nearly perfect, there is room for improvement in terms of discoverability. The ability to use markers or some form of guidance to reach specific locations would be a welcome addition.

Overall, I would rate Laya’s Horizon a solid 9 out of 10. It’s a game I would highly recommend, especially to fans of the Alto series and those who enjoy relaxing exploration-based games. The creators have once again delivered a game that is a joy to play, a feast for the eyes, and a soothing balm for the ears. So, strap on your cloak, take to the skies, and let Laya’s Horizon take you on a journey you won’t soon forget. Also, it's free on Netflix Games.

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