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My Whirlwind Experience with "Assemble with Care"

Rating: 9/10 ⭐️

Apple Arcade is full of unique gaming experiences, little gems that would not exist if not for this service. One of the launch titles was "Assemble with Care", a game I had installed for over a year but never got around to playing. At the start of each month, Apple announces four new games coming to the Arcade and a few titles that will be leaving Apple Arcade. This month, "Assemble with Care" is leaving the platform, which gave me the nudge I needed, it was finally time to dive into this game.

Starting "Assemble with Care", felt like opening a colorful storybook. Maria is an antique restorer who is vacationing in the town of Bellariva. Indulging in the town's renowned food festival, a delightful backdrop that adds layers of richness to the game.

Maria narrates the story along with a host of other delightful characters as you flip down the pages of this storybook. The background sounds add to the narration, creating a wonderful ambience. The gentle hum of the town, the distant chatter of its residents, and the subtle sounds of nature all come together.

"Assemble with Care" intertwines storytelling with intricate gameplay dynamics. Each puzzle is an object, very closely connected to the characters, in need of restoration.

There are 14 puzzles, they are objects that you need to fix and fit back together. Some require a keen eye for detail, while others for others, you need to know the object's mechanics. For instance, restoring a vintage camera might involve aligning lenses correctly, while fixing a broken cassette player could mean rewinding tape or replacing worn-out parts. As Maria restores each item, she also helps the townsfolk confront and mend their personal struggles.

Right from the start, I was invested in Maria's journey and the stories of the townsfolk. I started playing the game after reading the news that it was leaving the platform. That was 1 AM last night and before I knew it, I was scrolling through the end credits and it was 3 AM on the clock. The game is so immersive that two hours went by fast and I didn't even realise it.

Looking back, my late-night gaming session with "Assemble with Care" was one of the most memorable experiences I've had with Apple Arcade. I highly recommend playing it before it leaves Apple Arcade.

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