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JellyCar Worlds: A Wobbly Joyride Through a Jiggly Universe

Rating: 10/10 ⭐️

JellyCar Worlds is a physics-based platformer where you navigate a world that is as unpredictable and jiggly as your car. And if you've played the original JellyCar game, you'll know just how much fun that is!

JellyCar Worlds is a vibrant, colourful game that's been brought to life by Tim FitzRandolph, also known online as Walaber, the original creator of the JellyCar series. Walaber is an awesome game developer who actively interacts with players on social media platforms like Twitter and YouTube. Watching his videos on Twitch & YouTube is not only entertaining but also informative.

A quick trip down memory lane. The original JellyCar was quite popular, thanks to its unique concept: you play as a car made of jelly. Your car can be squished and compressed to get around different obstacles, and the only way to lose a game is by completely falling off the edge. It was a simple yet innovative idea that captured the hearts of many players.

Fast forward to JellyCar Worlds, the legacy is carried forward here with the addition of a whole new layer of complexity and fun. Each world requires a different approach to complete, and there are different powerups available to help you move in strange ways. Inflate your car to climb onto higher platforms, or drive into a balloon to be lifted off the ground. Each level requires different powerups to complete, keeping things exciting as you navigate this colourful world.

One of the quirky & fun aspects of this game is the sound effects which are performed vocally making it playful and fun. There is also an option to record your own sound effects into the game, making the experience truly unique. You can unlock different vehicle types and then scribble on them to customize the colours and designs, adding to the overall charm of JellyCar Worlds.

The latest update is truly a trip down memory lane, with the addition of classic levels restored from JellyCar 1. The level editor has also seen significant improvements, with the addition of falling custom objects, conveyor belts, laser detectors etc. making the gaming experience more customisable.

JellyCar Worlds is a delightful game that combines the charm of its predecessor with new mechanics, a vibrant world, and a community-driven approach. Whether you've played the original JellyCar game or are totally new to this, JellyCar Worlds is a fun, engaging, and unique gaming experience. Stop Waiting! It's time to hit the road with JellyCar Worlds!

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