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Harry Dresden's Wintry War: A Review of 'Cold Days'

Updated: Aug 4, 2023

Rating: 5/5 ⭐️

"Cold Days" is the 14th book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. In this book, Harry Dresden, the main character, is back in Chicago. He's only been back for less than six hours and he's already almost died twice. The story is intense right from the start.

Harry's job in this book is to stop a group of spiritual inmates from escaping into the world and causing chaos. He has to do this while dealing with a power struggle from Maeve and avoiding the Summer Lady and her Knight. On top of all this, it's Halloween, which means there's even more weirdness going on than usual.

The book is filled with characters that I enjoyed spending time with. Thomas, Murphy, Butters, Molly, Mouse, and Bob all play major roles. They help balance out Harry's character, who is dealing with a lot of temptation and power struggles.

The story gets darker as it goes on, with Harry having to deal with the consequences of having too much power. This is a big theme in the book. Even though Harry is a good guy, he struggles with the power he has and how it could corrupt him.

The action scenes in the book are exciting. There's a big battle in Demonreach and Lake Michigan that was a highlight for me. The book ends with a hint of a bigger threat to come in the next book, which makes me excited to read more.

Overall, "Cold Days" is a good addition to the Dresden Files series. It's darker than the previous books, but it's still a fun and exciting read.

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