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Hades Unleashed: The Epic Greek Mythology Game Now on Mobile

Netflix is truly on a roll, redefining the mobile gaming landscape with a string of impressive releases that cater to a diverse array of gamers. Following their successful launch of the iconic Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Trilogy and the enchanting world of Death's Door, the streaming giant continues to expand its gaming portfolio, with the critically acclaimed Hades. With these additions, Netflix is quickly becoming a formidable player in the gaming industry. With over 80 games, Netflix is proving that it's not just a destination for binge-watching your favourite shows but also a haven for engaging, top-tier gaming on the go.

With Hades, the journey you embark on is nothing short of epic. As the immortal Prince of the Underworld, you're tasked with fighting through a labyrinth filled with deadly hazards. The goal? Ditch the afterlife, with a little help from the Greek gods themselves. And when death claims you, as it inevitably will in true roguelike fashion, you rise to try again, each failure only sharpening your resolve.

What sets Hades apart is not just its heart-pounding combat but its richly intricate storytelling and breathtaking artwork. It's a game that beautifully marries action-packed RPG elements with a story inspired by Greek mythology, making each escape attempt from the Underworld a unique narrative experience with a cast of fully-voiced characters

The game plays well on mobile with customizable touch controls and support for Bluetooth controllers. The action is fast, fluid and engaging. Whether you're a veteran of the Underworld or setting foot in it for the first time, this version promises to keep you hooked with its thrilling combat, captivating story, and endless replayability.

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