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From Schlorpians to Humans: Solar Opposites Season 4

Rating: 8/10 ⭐️

Solar Opposites Season 4 is better than I expected it to be, this show has evolved over the last 3 seasons and might possibly even overshadow its counterpart, Rick and Morty.

The season begins with a significant change: Korvo's voice, which was originally voiced by Justin Roiland, is now taken over by Dan Stevens. While the change might be startling in the first episode, Stevens' portrayal quickly becomes a seamless fit.

The Wall subplot, one of the craziest and most interesting narratives set within the confines of a wall in Yumyulack's room, sees a significant amount of progress. As the season progresses, the Wall's society which now worships Jesse faces upheavals, leading to a significant portion of its inhabitants finding a new home in the backyard by the season's end.

A significant narrative shift this season is the decision by the main characters, Terry and Korvo, to distance themselves from sci-fi-themed stories. This is not just a narrative choice but reflects their in-universe decision to create a more "normal" environment for the Pupa. However, the most notable twist comes towards the end. The Solar Opposites, in a quest for normalcy, become human. But this transformation comes with a catch: they must venture into space to revert to their original Schlorpian forms.

So, for now, our favourite Solar Opposites family is on some alien planet, in human form having quite a different form of adventure.

Solar Opposites Season 4 blends humour with deep thematic elements. From the exploration of the Wall subplot to the Solar Opposites' transformation into humans, the season is packed with narrative risks that pay off beautifully.

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