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Announcing: Enhanced Ad Tracking in Chrome

Google is rolling out Enhanced ad privacy in Chrome and you'll see this pop-up over the next few weeks after a Chrome update.

Enhanced ad privacy sounds pretty good, but let's cut through the marketing talk and look at what this announcement actually is saying without sugarcoating the words.

We're rolling out new features that involve tracking your online activities more closely to help advertisers target you with personalized ads. Chrome now keeps a close eye on what you do on the internet, like the websites you visit and what you search for.

Some of these websites want to know this stuff so they can show you ads that they think you'll be interested in. You won't have much say in this. To make sure ads are working for the advertisers, they will get some of your data, like when you saw an ad. It's not personal details, but it's still your information getting passed around.

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