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🤖💡 AI-Generated QR Codes: More Than Just a Pretty Picture 🎨

🌈 Remember those vibrant, AI-generated QR codes that started appearing on your timeline?

They're not just a splash of colour and a cool concept, they're a game-changer for the world of marketing and advertising!

Creating these eye-catching QR codes used to require a significant amount of effort. But as AI continues to evolve, the process of generating these codes is becoming simpler and more accessible.

These QR codes are more than just pretty to look at. They're a powerful tool for businesses, offering a unique blend of aesthetics and functionality. As AI improves, we can expect these QR codes to become an integral part of our marketing & advertising strategies, making interactions more dynamic and personalized.

On this lazy rainy Sunday morning, I took a stab at this and created a few codes. The tech isn't quite there yet & some of them are a bit of hit & miss but it is fun 🤩

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