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What We Do in the Shadows' Season 5: Guillermo's Evolution

Updated: Oct 26, 2023

Rating: 8/10 ⭐️ 🧛‍♂️

In season 5 the group grows closer as they navigate the challenges and hilarities of their immortal lives. From Nandor's endearing attempts to understand the human world, Laszlo's unexpected alliance with Guillermo, to the Guide's elaborate schemes for attention, Season 5 is a blend of humour with deep emotional undertones.

Nandor, once a fierce warrior, has been navigating the modern world with childlike wonder. His exploration of a mall, with its escalators and food courts, was a comedic goldmine. Meanwhile, Nadja seems to be cursed & has to remove a hex. In the process, she finds a group of people from her old country she can hang out with. The guide hangs out with Nadja and keeps trying to get closer to the group. The group, preoccupied with their own affairs, often overlook her. Colin Robinson continues to find innovative ways to drain people of their energy and stays aloof from the group's high shenanigans. Laszlo, ever the eccentric, is the MVP this season.

While their interactions in the past have been filled with humour and occasional disdain, Season 5 brought a shift in their dynamics. As Guillermo embarked on his vampire journey, Laszlo emerged as an unlikely ally. Whether it was offering advice on the intricacies of vampire life, running experiments on Guillermo or sharing anecdotes from his own transformation, Laszlo's interactions with Guillermo were both enlightening and endearing.

Guillermo's journey this season was nothing short of a comedic rollercoaster. He has wanted to be a vampire right from Season 1 but the transformation didn't go as planned, resulting in a half-transformation that brought a slew of unexpected challenges. From navigating the quirks of being neither fully human nor fully vampire to grappling with newfound abilities (and the lack thereof), Guillermo's predicament was a constant source of hilarity. Yet, amidst the laughs, Guillermo's internal conflict shone through. With Nandor's guidance and Laszlo's anecdotes, he made the difficult decision to revert to his human self.

Through all the comedic mishaps and supernatural challenges, the true highlight has been watching the vampire group come together as a tighter-knit family. Guillermo's rollercoaster transformation and the group's evolving dynamics emphasize that, in the end, it's not about supernatural powers or eternal life, but the bonds we form and the acceptance we find.

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