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The Thrilling Tale of 'It Waits in the Woods' by Josh Malerman

Updated: Dec 2, 2023

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

"It Waits in the Woods," by Josh Malerman is the third story of the Creature Feature audiobook collection, narrated expertly by Lauren Ezzo.

The plot centres around Brenda Jennings, who bravely ventures into the dense forest to uncover the mystery of her sister Amanda's disappearance three years prior. The forest is known for its chilling folklore about a bridge leading nowhere and the ominous presence of a demon named Opso.

As the story unfolds, Brenda's solo stakeout in the forest becomes a nerve-wracking experience. Lauren Ezzo's narration draws us into her world, feeling every ounce of the palpable tension as she navigates the unknown terrain, half-expecting danger at every turn. The atmosphere is thick with suspense, making it impossible not to feel a part of Brenda's intense, fear-laden journey.

What sets "It Waits in the Woods" apart from other stories in this collection is its unexpected yet gratifying ending. In a genre often dominated by bleak and distressing conclusions, this story offers a refreshing change. The resolution brings a sense of closure and relief, both for Brenda and the listener, who have been taken on a suspenseful and emotional ride.

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