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The Haunting Tale of 'Big Bad' by Chandler Baker

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

"Big Bad," is the sixth and last story of the Creature Feature collection.

It is a story of a family grappling with unconventional challenges. The wife, Rachel, a successful and smart individual, harbours a dark secret - she is a werewolf. Her husband, Sam, is managing the household and caring for their children and is resentful of the responsibilities put on him. His resentment seems to stem not only from his wife's success but also from the burden of the secret he is forced to keep. The children view their father as grumpy and probably a bad man. Despite his demeanour, he doesn't deserve the disdain they hold for him.

The plot takes a gripping turn with the arrival of Harold enquiring after Rachel while Sam is trying to manage his daughters and keep the secret that it's a full moon and his wife is a werewolf for the next few hours. The tension and horror ramp up. Sam's desperate attempt to protect his daughters, who are running away from him, fearing him more than the real danger lurking outside, is both heart-wrenching and terrifying.

In the end, the children make a choice, even after realizing the truth about their mother. Was it the right choice, I don't think so but it makes sense.

"Big Bad" goes beyond traditional horror. It delves into family relationships, the burdens of secrets, and the primal instinct of survival. I enjoyed it and would give it a 4/5 ⭐️ rating.

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