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The Apple Watch Already Does Everything the Humane AI Pin Promises - And More

The Perfect AI device is already on your wrist ⌚️

There's been a lot of buzz lately around the Humane AI Pin, a new wearable device that aims to replace your smartphone using advanced AI. But does this $700 gadget really deliver something new and valuable? When you look closely, it seems the Apple Watch can already do everything the AI Pin promises - and a whole lot more.

Voice Control and AI Assistance

One of the AI Pin's key selling points is its voice-based AI assistant that can answer questions, send messages, make calls, take notes, reminders and more. Sound familiar? The Apple Watch has had Siri for voice control and assistance for years, it can already make calls, send messages, set timers, reminders etc. And with the upcoming watchOS 11 update rumoured to significantly enhance Siri using advanced language models, the Apple Watch will likely match or exceed the AI capabilities Humane is touting.

Contextual Awareness

The AI Pin aims to proactively provide relevant information and suggestions based on your context. But again, the Apple Watch already does this quite well with features like Smart Stack widgets, calendar alerts, and intelligent fitness coaching prompts. With further AI enhancements coming, the Apple Watch's proactive assistance will only get better.

Health and Fitness Tracking

While the AI Pin has a camera that can scan and identify food, the Apple Watch is light-years ahead as a comprehensive health and fitness device. It has advanced sensors for heart rate, ECG, blood oxygen, activity tracking and integrates deeply with Apple's mature health and fitness ecosystem. The AI Pin simply can't compete here.

Standalone Connectivity

The AI Pin touts its standalone cellular connectivity as an advantage over phones. But the Apple Watch has offered cellular models for years that can make/receive calls, send messages, stream music and more without a phone. You get the flexibility to use it solo or paired with your iPhone.

Apps and Ecosystem

Perhaps the biggest drawback of the AI Pin is its lack of third-party apps at launch and uncertainty around its future ecosystem. In contrast, the Apple Watch benefits from a huge selection of apps, watch faces, bands, and seamless integration with Apple's devices and services. This gives it far more versatility and value.


Then there's the cost. The AI Pin is a whopping $699 plus an ongoing $24/month subscription for cellular data and AI services. The Apple Watch starts at just $249 for the SE model with most core features, up to $799 for the large-screen, ultra-rugged Apple Watch Ultra. And it doesn't require a separate monthly fee.

While the Humane AI Pin deserves credit for some innovative ideas like its screenless design and AI-first interface, it ultimately feels more like a gimmick than a groundbreaking product. The Apple Watch can already do virtually everything the AI Pin promises to do - and in most cases do it better with a more polished, user-friendly and versatile experience.

With further exciting updates coming in watchOS 11, the Apple Watch will continue to extend its lead as the most capable and compelling smartwatch on the market. The AI Pin may appeal to early adopters and niche users, but for most people, the Apple Watch remains the smarter choice for a wearable that can genuinely enhance your digital life.

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