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Notion’s New Calendar App: Evolution or Overcomplication?

Not one app for everything anymore

Notion has always been a crowd favourite for its streamlined approach to productivity. It replaced a scattergun array of apps with one that promised to do it all. But with the recent unveiling of a new Calendar app, some of us are left scratching our heads.

The key selling point of Notion is its simplicity. A single app where you can manage tasks, take notes, and keep databases in one place. It is an efficient and clutter-free way to work and organize.

Notion’s move to roll out a new standalone app is interesting. On one hand, more features tailored to specific needs could be great. On the other, it introduces the potential for complexity, which could dilute the very essence of what made Notion appealing.

This shift makes me sceptical. Are we looking at a Notion that’s diverging from its original vision? Is this about better serving the user base or simply adding more to stay competitive? I, for one, don’t use Calendar much, it’s mainly for a few meetings throughout the week and certain events like a movie booking, hotel stay or flight that gets added. I don’t live in my calendar.

Given the social media marketing approach, many were hoping for more things, perhaps even an offline mode!? The wait continues. Anyway, let me not dunk on Notion and the people who worked hard on the calendar app. I’m sure many people will find the Calendar useful. I love Notion for the functionality and canvas it provides enabling me to create anything I want, my way. There’s a chance these new apps will integrate so seamlessly that it’ll be hard not to use them.

Will these new apps make our work easier, or just add another layer to navigate? It’s important that growth doesn’t come at the expense of the core functionality and simplicity that users love. Let’s see if Notion can expand without losing its magic.

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