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My Adventures with Superman: A Fresh Take on an Age-Old Legend

Rating: 8/10 ⭐️

The enduring legacy of Superman spans many movies, comics, games and shows. So it's a challenge to do something new with the character that's interesting but still sticks to the iconic. "My Adventures with Superman" manages to do that, blending traditional Superman elements with shōnen anime influences.

At the heart is the friendship of the group: Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen. Clark along with his roommate Jimmy Olsen, starts as interns at the Daily Planet with Lois Lane as a senior intern, and instead of following what they are told to do, they embark on investigative adventures, leading to their first encounter with a metahuman that Lois dubs "Superman." As the series progresses, the dynamics between the characters evolve, with romantic undertones developing between Clark and Lois.

Every Superman story is defined, in part, by its antagonists, and "My Adventures with Superman" introduces a diverse array of foes. Leslie Willis, with her command over military-grade robots, echoes the tech-savvy threats Superman has faced, like Lex Luthor. Slade Wilson and Task Force X introduce a layer of governmental intrigue. The street-level crimes of Intergang, with members such as Mist and Rough House, harken back to the Metropolis underworld. Doctor Anthony Ivo, with his technological innovations like the Parasite 1.0 armour, is a nod to tech-based adversaries like Brainiac. Heat Wave, empowered by stolen tech, adds an elemental challenge, while the enigmatic Nemesis Omega, leading an alien army, evokes memories of cosmic threats like General Zod. Each villain not only tests Superman's might but also his moral foundations.

Superman Across the Ages

Superman's origin story has been retold countless times, each version adding its unique flavour. "My Adventures with Superman" offers a fresh take. Unlike other iterations where Clark Kent seems to have a firm grasp on his powers and purpose from the get-go, here we see a Superman still coming into his own. He's not the all-powerful Kryptonian we're used to; he's pushed to become Superman in moments of extreme duress. Also, there is a barrier between Clark and his Kryptonian heritage. Clark is unaware and afraid of what he is and where he has come from. This is further fueled by his inability to communicate with the hologram of his father. Quite different from versions where Jor-El offers guidance. Another puzzle is the ship, It seems intent on Earth's destruction and keeps making robots that kill anything that moves.

"My Adventures with Superman" is off to a good start. The series feels both familiar and refreshingly new blending in traditional elements that we know and love with new narrative choices and animation style. As the series unfolds, one thing is clear: the adventures have just begun.

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