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Hello Kitty Island Adventure Review: A Cosy Vacation

Rating: 10/10 ⭐️ 🏝️

Hello Kitty Island Adventure begins with you waking up in a plane and Hello Kitty asking you if you are ready to vacation at Big Adventures Park. 

You select a character and customise it and then go on to meet some of the other characters who are travelling with you. From Badtz-maru and Keroppi discussing which movie to watch to My Melody excited about opening a gift shop in a tropical island resort which is also a theme park. Talk to all the characters for the fun and quirky quips they have before you proceed to have a slice of fresh strawberry cake which Hello Kitty offers. But something goes wrong with the Oven and it starts chucking strawberry cakes all around the cabin and you’re in for a bumpy ride but thankfully the island is close and Badtz-maru decides he has had enough with the cakes on this plane and jumps out of the plane. Everyone follows, floating down to the island on balloons. 

You land at the Resort Plaza and discover that the island is in disarray, deserted and half your party is missing. Your island adventure starts here… you have to take on quests to help your friends get settled, find their missing luggage, find your missing friends, discover the secrets of the island and make it a cosy place for your friends and others who visit the island. 

Each character brings their unique flair to the island. Badtz-Maru, the mischievous penguin, is on a quest to uncover the island's mysteries, while Kuromi adds a touch of cheeky charm. Chococat, with his curious mind, helps craft tools and solve puzzles. Pochacco, the sports enthusiast, introduces various physical activities, and Tuxedosam, with his love for sophisticated styles, opens a clothing shop, adding a dash of fashion to the island life.

As you venture deeper into the island, you encounter Retsuko, seeking a break from her stressful job, and Pompompurin, who runs the island's ice cream boat and more. Each interaction and quest opens up more of the island, adding to the gameplay.  

Your daily activity in the game is to give gifts to each character according to their likes.  You can give the characters three gifts a day to increase your friendship level with them. This unlocks new quests for you to take on unlocking new abilities, parts of the island, furniture, outfits and new mysteries. Besides improving your friendship level, you have 4 Daily Quests to do every day and 4 Weekly Quests that you have to chip off bit by bit each day and finish within the week. While traversing the island you also find and snap pictures of gudetama.

These activities take about 45 minutes to an hour a day and my advice is to just play within that time range and take it slow. Do not play for hours and hours in the first week and exhaust all the things to do.

There are activities and events introduced with each update which lets you unlock new types of outfits and furniture and decorate your cabins. The events that come with the updates keep the game fresh once you have attended to most of the quests of the main storyline. 

Besides following the main storyline and building up your friendship with the characters, you also start getting visitors coming to the island. It starts with Mimmy,  Dear Daniel, friends of Hello Kitty to  My Melody's Grandma and Grandpa. You have to prepare a cabin with the furniture and food they like so that they visit you and once they are on the island, do simple quests for them and get them to like you so that they permanently stay on the island. 

The island is vast with multiple areas like Seaside Resort, Spooky Swamp, Gemstone Mountain, Rainbow Reef, Mount Hothead, Icy Peak, Cloud Island. You get to go underwater, explore reefs and sunken ship and go up to the cloud island and explore the dreamy vistas. The visuals are top notch with Chibi" or "soft-edged 3D" style, colourful and vibrant. The music is awesome, each area you go into has a different soundtrack which is a pleasure to listen to. From the serene melody when you are underwater near Rainbow Reef to the energetic and playful track when you visit Gemstone Mountain. I love the soundtrack so much that I listen to it on Apple Music even when I’m not playing the game. 

The game works well on iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV and I’ve been playing it for the last 5 months since its release back in July 2023. I didn’t rush to finish everything in the game and I’m not much into decorating the cabins but still, the game has kept me occupied playing 30 minutes or so every day and I look forward to more quests to keep coming back to this Island Adventure. 

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