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Grady Hendrix's 'Ankle Snatcher': A Spine-Chilling Audiobook

Rating: 4/5 ⭐️

From the moment I started listening to "Ankle Snatcher" on Audible, I knew I was in for a unique experience. This Grady Hendrix's short story is narrated with gripping intensity by Michael Crouch. His narration conveyed the protagonist's feelings of horror and dread adding layers of depth to the story.

It starts innocently enough, a date which is going well, turns into a sleepover. The horror that proceeds was difficult to stomach and I expected a typical confrontation, a battle of wits and wills. However, Hendrix took a different path. The story spirals into a dark, downward trajectory for the protagonist and is ultimately a tragic narrative.

"Ankle Snatcher" by Grady Hendrix, narrated by Michael Crouch, is a must-listen for fans of psychological horror and those who appreciate short stories with depth and darkness. This audiobook deserves a solid 4-star rating for its ability to captivate and terrify in equal measure.

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