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Cracking the Attribution Code: A Data-Driven Approach to Valuing Touchpoints

You have spent time and money setting up campaigns across multiple channels. But how much revenue should you attribute to each touchpoint?

Selecting the right marketing attribution model is key to quantifying the customer journey. It helps you to optimise your marketing strategy. Plus how to properly allocate your budget. Let's analyze the pros and cons of common models:

With so many options, how do you select the right model?

Follow this decision tree guide:

Key Considerations for Model Selection:

  • Account for typical sales cycle complexity - simple linear models work for shorter cycles vs. time decay for longer cycles.

  • Gauge channel mix - last touch shines for promotional campaigns, while first click suits brand awareness plays.

  • Assess analytics capabilities - data-driven algorithms require sophistication.

  • Incorporate historical performance data - weigh touchpoints based on proven influence.

  • Customize multi-touch blends using level of impact - for example:

    • Last Touch - 20%

    • Social Shares - 10%

    • Email Clicks - 15%

    • Webinar Views - 20%

    • Demo Requests - 35%

  • Continuously analyze statistical significance of results and tweak models accordingly.

Cutting-edge attribution leverages machine learning to determine nuanced interaction influence probabilities. But resist oversimplification - account for the entire winding journey.

Have you unlocked attribution in your organization?

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