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A Season of Change: Black Mirror’s Season 6 Reviewed

Rating: 6/10 ⭐️

Black Mirror has always been about our society’s relationship with technology. Its dystopian narratives are about the dark potential of technological advancement. Season 6 was not that. :/

Black Mirror at its best is chilling and thought-provoking. I was captivated by the series since the first season, amazed at how technology can go haywire.

Season 6, is still Black Mirror, but not quite. This time, it’s a mix of period pieces and present-day stories, revolving around the theme of technology and media’s potential to isolate us from each other and rob us of our humanity.

There are some good episodes which make it feel like — Yes! I am watching a Black Mirror episode. The theme of dehumanization is a common thread throughout the season.

Each episode is about how technology and media isolate us. Whether it’s the futuristic tech in “Beyond the Sea,” the dawn of the TMZ era in “Mazey Day,” or the racist fear in “Demon 79,” each story explores how our tools, be they ancient or new, can be misused and misunderstood.

Compared to the previous seasons, I think season 6 lacks a consistent narrative quality. Earlier seasons presented a clear vision and executed it with a precision that was both startling and compelling. But this season felt more like a disparate collection of ideas.

I think it's because of the departure from the core essence of Black Mirror, which is the societal impact of technology and that felt superficial and underdeveloped this season.

So, while Season 6 has its moments, it’s not as good and lacks the distinctive Black Mirror edge that I’ve come to love. By showcasing so many period pieces it offers a twist on the usual ominous warnings about the near-future, making us think of our history and the way we have always misused and misunderstood the tools we’re given.

If you are a fan of the show, go ahead and watch it.

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